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Municipal fees in petros and foreign exchange are classified as excessive

From April 11, a reform of the citizens ‘ coexistence ordinance in Chacao came into effect, in which it was agreed that a percentage of the value of the official dollar, through the “Municipal Fiscal Value Unit”, which the municipality’s leaders explained, represents a percentage of the value of the official dollar, should be taken as a reference for the collection of fines.

Since then, fined citizens have had to cancel amounts for offences equivalent to $ 10 or $ 15, depending on the crime.

This new practice is the mechanism of some municipal governments in the country to increase their income. Vargas and Maracaibo were among the first areas to implement the measure of charging taxes on petros to traders and, since May, the Liberator municipality of Caracas has implemented the same mechanism.

As Liberator was approved in the Ordinance on Income Tax on Trade and Industry 443-C Sumat, and set amounts of between one and nine petros, depending on the type of trade.

Traders must pay 80,000 bolivars for each petro and the amounts that previously ranged from 100,000 to 240,000 bolivars can now reach up to one million.

Two months after this decision, several traders agree that the mechanism only further impoverishes the caraqueño market and forces vendors to increase their costs in order to comply.

“In may I paid Bs. 120,000 and this past month I had to pay Bs. 720,000. That is crazy because the sales are not good, and the owners think that close is an option,” he told the caretaker of a store makeup and jewelry on avenida Urdaneta, where about five employees could lose their work in case they decide to close.

For the owner of a shoe store on Pantheon Boulevard, in central Caracas, It is “an unofficial dollarization” and he assured that it is about more expenses for Commerce and less sales. “They believe that they harm the trader, but they are really hurting the consumer who is the last in the chain.

Some yes and other not

And although this is not exactly the same, the extent of recovery of fines in dollars imposed in Chacao has not been viewed with the same appreciation for the powers of the State, as the tariff collection city in petros.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice agreed, the last August 8, suspend the collection of fines and taxes calculated in us dollars that had been implementing the Mayor of Chacao from the 11th of April last, according to is read in the sentence N° 0250.

However, in the streets of the municipality, citizens claim that violations continue to be charged in this way.

The drivers of this line agree that the measure further weakens their income, which is daily and piecemeal. In addition, they complain about the alleged abuse of the police who execute the fines.

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