Cxchange operates slightly downwards with foreign exchange

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The exchange rate opened slightly lower, in line with the markets of the region, in the framework of a brief respite on the trade war between the united States and China.

The dollar was quoted at S / 3,397 at 10: 30, a small drop of 0.14% compared to S / 3,402 at the end of Wednesday, according to the Bloomberg specialized agency.

The previous day, with the closing of S / 3,402, the exchange rate broke a 32-month barrier, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR).

In the region, the majority of Latin American markets recovered in the early hours of Thursday, the smoothed partially by the tone in the trade war between the united States and China, although there remains uncertainty about the global economic growth, according to Reuters.

The region dawned with new statements, where China said it is discussing with the United States the next round of trade dialogue scheduled for September, but hopes for progress depend on whether Washington can generate favorable conditions.

In turn, U.S. President Donald Trump said negotiators from both countries had scheduled talks to alleviate trade tension later Thursday ” at a different level.”

In the parallel market or the main exchange houses of Lima, the dollar quoted in S / 3.38 for purchase and S / 3.41 for sale.

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