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Currency collector in Cuba enables telephone

The number is 800 40294 and the purpose, according to Cubadebate review quoting the entity, is”to achieve a better approach and communication with customers, through personalized attention for receiving complaints and complaints regarding the services, offers and products of the company.

The service is available from Monday to Sunday from 9: 00 am to 9: 00 pm. Calls can be made from a landline or mobile phone from any province of the country, and have no cost to customers.

When you call, a Operator will ask various questions, register the complaint in writing, and then assign a number to the report, so that the client who has made the Complaint can follow up the case.

Once the complaint has been received, the operator will submit the report to the relevant authorities.

With regard to resolution deadlines, the note states that within 72 hours it is estimated that the client concerned will receive a telephone call from the customer service specialist of the Caribbean chain of stores in the province in question.

Response may also be provided through an email or a personal interview.

If the seriousness of the complaint is of particular importance, the response could take more than three days. In this case the client will receive explanations of the reasons for the extension and an estimated response date.

Caribbean chain stores is the name of the old network of currency-collecting stores (TRD) since March 2018. The name change was approved through Resolution 50 of the Ministry of Economy and planning last year.

Today, the chain has more than 1920 outlets throughout the country and has more than twenty years of operation.

In early 2019, the Caribbean chain of stores already encouraged its customers on their social networks to send them any positive or negative opinions about the service they provide in their stores in writing. The route does not appear to have had the desired reception, which is why the chain of shops has reevaluated its communication channel.

The poor attention to the consumer has always been a hallmark of the retail state in Cuba, where there is plenty of abuse of the sellers, the breach of the hours of sale, the stock and the prices adulterated.

The population, for its part, seems to have grown tired of complaining and denouncing violations of their rights, because in the long run, on most occasions, nothing changes. This was recently acknowledged by an official journalist when he said that”they have almost gotten used to being treated badly.”

In May 2018, the Ministry of Internal Trade passed Resolution 54, to curb the” growing trend “in irregularities and to compile in a single text”everything that was scattered”.

The resolution, which entered into force on 1 June, is addressed to both natural and legal persons involved in trade, gastronomy, accommodation and technical and personal services.

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