Characteristics that distinguish a leading trader

It is always on the table when it comes to the goal of becoming a leader in business, the question as to what skills a person should have and whether ours are linked to that concept. Contrary to what is often thought, it is not precisely a very high IQ or high university qualifications, coupled with a myriad of higher studies that determine the success or consolidation of a leader.

The capacity that allows us according to established competition models to achieve achievements in the field of leadership, receives very diverse names, such as global image vision, pattern recognition and systemic thinking, for example, in the case of traders it is a capacity that allows us to visualize the dynamics of complex systems in the markets and to know how to interpret the signals that that same market tells us to make the results of winning operations a fluid and constant machine, and that it needs less and less of our time to conduct itself.

Essential elements of a business leader

The challenge for the leader trader is not limited to visualization and recognition, the key is to find the right balance and use the right time to enter and exit the market not only unscathed, but triumphant and with the full reassurance that we will successfully repeat any entry. The well concentrated trader balances the different data streams and weaves their strands into a balanced action. The fusion of data with attention, coupled with emotional intelligence and performance, constitute the Hidden Brain behind excellence.

It is very important to realize that if you have a particular strength, and this through the efforts can be developed and perfected, a trader will devote time to the orientation and observation, that is: listen to your inner to enable an authentic view of global address that does not only look out at panoramas but also the profile projections, ignore the advice and experience; to seek collaboration if necessary, and adopt whenever it is convenient for consensual decisions.


It is another key element, to be clear that celebrating achievements, laughing and having fun is never equal to a waste of time, but rather translates into a way to increase emotional capital. The opening of thought is indispensable both for the understanding of this statement, and to give a precise reading to the market, a correct reading may come to suppose, the difference between a failed operation, or an appropriate change of direction.

The focused trader, establishes a commitment to observation

Leadership Specialist Warren Bennis uses an expression referring to” first-class observers ” as those who pay careful attention to each situation and who in turn experience a continuing and sometimes contagious fascination with what happens at every instant. People who know how to operate are a wide range of these “observers first” or as I prefer to call “traders of first line”

There are two fluctuating factors in the mind that threaten correct observation with attention, one being unquestionable beliefs and the other the rules or norms in which we place blind trust; the two must be contrasted, confronted and perfected over and over again with changing reality. The best way to do this is to go into the environment, listening and continually questioning, in parallel to inquiry, the search for evidence and statistics and reflection, which translates into a compilation of the visions and understandings of third parties.

This form of active engagement leads us to ask smarter questions, to achieve better learning and a more sensitive and faster radar to detect the coming changes. The commitment that we make at the time of entry of trading also contemplates the calm and patience as key elements for the long-term benefit.

The trader and his future projection

The majority of traders, as people who are dedicated to the business, are inclined to the short-term success, Experts, psychologists, cognitive have shown that people tend to incline us to favor the present moment to the time of making decisions of any field, such as: “I eat the pizza now and Monday I start the diet”.

In trading it is equally applicable in our goals, we focus on the present, the signals that we need to achieve the success and a profit now, but this is bad for the goals that are distant, to which our mind does not serve in the same way; “when we focus all our attention on the needs of the present, think in the future becomes a luxury.”

Finally it is recommended to remodel the work system continuously, updating the information is fundamental, in the case of our business, to reinvent it taking into account a distant future will involve finding values that share and support all stakeholders, from shareholders to consumers, the whole community that operates in the market, where the leader trader will always be the best beneficiary, so do not limit its performance.

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