Forex market in Latin America

The term Forex (Foreign Exchange) Market has become fashionable in recent years. But what exactly does it mean?

Forex market is one of the activities carried out within the stock exchange, where goods and products are exchanged, invested in the public treasury and also, foreign exchange is bought and sold. This is the essence of the Forex market. Currency rises and falls daily and buying cheaper produces profits by selling more expensive. In fact, this stock market activity is one of the most active on the stock market.

Well, in this sense, there are two countries in Latin America where the Forex market is growing and produces a very important business activity: Brazil and Argentina.


Brazil is the economic” tiger ” of Latin America with a GDP that almost doubles the Spanish and with more than 200 million inhabitants, which means for a market economy. In addition, the official currency, the Brazilian Real, is changed to 4 per euro and to just over 3 per dollar, which is not a bad figure. Until June 2016, the total interest of the Brazilian Stock Exchange rose by 16%, according to in other words, there is a lot of macroeconomic activity in Brazil.

This is why according to the site specialized in Forex Market, 2015 and 2016, has been and will be a good year to buy and sell dollars and get interesting profit margins.

In these months, the equivalence between real and dollars has fluctuated quite a bit, which has allowed us to invest in buying dollars when the real was powerful (imagine 3 reais per dollar) and then sell, when the real fell (4 reais per dollar). On an investment of 1,000 real, following the previous example you could buy 333 dollars to the price of 3 actual, then to recover more than 1,300 real when it drops to 4 per dollar.

In addition, the Forex market in Brazil also makes bridge investments in dollars through euros, playing with the equivalences between real and euros and between these and dollars. In this sense, the services of one of the brokers or brokers of this platform are recommended to obtain safe investments.


Market-Forex-ArgentinaOtra economy interesting is Argentina, with half of the Spanish GDP (but a little more than 50% of debt and only 6.6% unemployment) and with an annual increase of the activity in the bag 9,19% where exchange of currencies is also present in a significant way.

Once again, in order to better understand this aspect of the financial market, we must resort to this explains how to make profits, in this case, by buying US dollars. The current ratio of the Argentine peso to the dollar is 14 to 1. However, a year ago the value of the peso was stronger and changed to 9 pesos per dollar. People who bought dollars a year ago, changing them back to pesos, earn 5 for every dollar. A big investment, no doubt.

These and other information about the financial activity of the Forex market can be expanded on the mentioned websites and choose to hire the services of a broker to make the most of the investments.

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