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Options beyond saving

Saving and investing are different concepts. In the first you save a part of your income for your future. The investment refers to the options that will increase your money. If you’ve already made savings a daily practice in your life, and now you’re looking for that money to pay off, read on to find out more.


If you want to grow your money, get close to an investment model that fits you, it’s easier than you think, especially because there are different institutions that allow you to invest, even from 100 pesos; first make sure to compare the options that offer you a higher return for the amount that you allocate. Eye! Forget the myth that the investment is only for people with a lot of money.

What you must consider.

There are several factors to make it grow:

  • Before hiring, compare. Find the option to explain everything clearly and dispel your doubts. Although different deadlines are handled depending on the product, an investment takes time to see earnings.
  • There are no short-term investments that yield extraordinary returns. If someone offers you that, they’re ripping you off.
  • Look for options that aren’t below inflation so your money doesn’t lose value.

What are your options?


This way of investing is supported by the government, so you can start from a small amount like 100 pesos. Its operation is basically the following: let’s say that you lend the government money through the purchase of a title issued by the government called Cete, after a certain time passed in return you return what you have contributed and a little more.

In addition, when you open your account, you have the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of government instruments, and at different deadlines, which will help you meet your savings goals. In the same way, for those who wish to manage their capital in a diversified way, there is the possibility of combining their savings into different instruments and forming investment portfolios suited to their needs. The most important thing, however, is that you will not have to pay commissions, as the resources are administered by the Government of the Republic and do not use intermediaries.

To make an estimate of how much you can earn according to your investment, the Cetes page offers information to take you step by step to achieve your goals; a simulator, and a calculator that will give you an overview of your investment.

Bank notes

The promissory note is very similar to the previous example. Only instead of lending money to the government you do it to a bank, in return you get at the end of a certain period the money you invested plus a profit that is called yield.

The annual rate varies between institutions, but it all depends on how much you deposit and how long you choose. For it to suit you you must deposit a larger amount and /or a longer period. Although it seems that your profit is not significant, remember that it is safe in a bank and you get a little more instead of losing its value by saving in batches or just saving it.

The promissory note with due return does have IPAB Deposit Insurance (with restrictions). And can guarantee up to 400 thousand UDI’s. For more information you can consult the website of the IPAB:

Investment funds

With this financial product, you and several people (investors) buy goods, called assets, and thus make profits.

Investment funds or investment portfolios are made up of a set of securities instruments in which your money is invested, whether in debt or equity instruments (such as shares).

Unlike the fixed rate you have the above, the investment funds do not have a profit or fixed return. This is because of something they call “risk”, because perhaps the investment is not safe, yet in case the investment is fruitful, you can have significant gains.

Investment of this kind yields higher returns, but its growth is uncertain because of risk, making it more vulnerable to losses and losses. Furthermore, they are not covered by IPAB protection insurance.

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