Request analysis table with SCT to treat Interjet case

The morenista, Cousin Dothé Mata, representative of the Commission of Communication and Transportation of the Senate requested the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation in understanding the issues that has caused the airline Interjet, to a variety of users derived from the delays and cancellations in about 4 per cientode your itinerary.

The legislator paid for the federal unit to carry out an analysis table with the airline in order to resolve the difficulties that have been presented as a result of a reduction in the operational structure that will affect its routes until today 31 July.

He recalled that there are aviation and federal consumer protection laws (Profeco) that evaluate the possibility of indemnifying users when there are cancelled or delayed flights.

According to the federal Consumer Attorney’s Office, the company has received more than 800 complaints in the first half of the year alone, for which fines of more than 500,000 pesos were imposed.

He specified that Profeco announced that Interjet cancelled 10 national flights departing from Mexico City Airport, as well as other entities in Républica. “Five flights were also of the international order,” he said.

He indicated that the airline operates among its inconvenient repair policies, the payment of hotel, refund of plane ticket. However, these admonitions do not resolve the conflict when it occurs consistently.

In this regard, Interjet offered apologies to its passengers who have been affected due to the natural demand of the season, and the airline’s estimated operational adjustments, will return to normal today Wednesday.

He indicated that he applies a protection plan to compensate those affected above what the Civil Aviation Act and its customer service protocols mark. “Interjet is a Mexican airline that has operated for more than 13 years, transporting more than 100 million passengers

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